What is the UK’s history?

Early Britain, Middle Ages, Tudors and Stuarts, global power, 20th century

  1. Early Britain: before the Romans, Romans impact on British society, different groups that invaded after the Romans, importance of the Norman invasion in 1066
  2. Middle Ages: wars that took place in the Middle Ages, how Parliament began to develop, way that land ownership worked, effects of the Black Death, development of English language and culture, Wars of the Roses and the founding of the House of Tudor
  3. Tudors and Stuarts: How and why religion changed during this period, the importance of poetry and drama in the Elizabethan period, Britain’s involvement in Ireland, development of Parliament and the only period in history when England was a republic, why there was restoration of the monarch, how the Glorious Revolution happened
  4. Global power: change in the balance of power between Parliament and the monarchy, when and why Scotland joined England and Wales to become Great Britain, reasons for a rebellion in Scotland led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, ideas of the Enlightenment, importance of the Industrial Revolution and development of industry, slave trade and when it was abolished, growth of the British Empire, how democracy developed
  5. 20th century: what happened during the First World War, the interwar period and during the Second World War, the partition of Ireland and the establishment of the UK as it is today, who was Winston Churchill and Alexander Fleming
  6. Britain since 1945: establishment of the welfare state, life changes in the 1960s and 1970s, British inventions, Events since 1979